28 February, 2021

No Dark Pearls Wanted

How will the recent spate of attacks on African nationals affect ties with the continent?

Prabhjot Singh Gill
No Dark Pearls Wanted

What They Said...

“Intolerance and racism is transforming Punjab into a hell for Black Africans.”

kongotimes! after the arrests of 21 Congolese students

“We invite Africans wherever they are, either on the continent or in the diaspora, to boycott Indian products.”

—On blog Rising Continent

“It is regrettable that those who inherited the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi should have turned the page so soon.”

Le Pays, Burkina Faso


That Indian society has a bias against the ‘dark-skinned’ is an everyday truth. What’s more worrying is its manifesting itself as racism, in attacks on and harassment of foreign nationals, specifically Africans studying or working in the country. Indeed, the increasing number of such incidents of late...

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