15 April, 2021

Nita Ambani

Chairperson of Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation, on what she proposes to do in Gujarat

Nita Ambani
What's the extent of relief work you plan to do?
The state government has asked us to adopt Anjar. We're providing all kinds of relief there.

How big is your team?
We have about 300 engineers, 3,000 contract workers, 12 orthopaedics and 30 other doctors working round the clock.

How much have you allocated?
About Rs 20 crore.

What's the extent of damage there?
I can't put a figure on the dead but it's been very gravely hit.

Did you speak to the parents of the 400 school children who died?
Yes. I also spoke to the teacher who was rescued after two days.

Are you also looking at psychological relief?
Yes. Psychological healing through counselling and even medication is very crucial.

What about other towns?
We have approached the state government for this. We are diverting some big cranes that we had brought to Anjar.

Are you hoping for survivors?
I am a mother first and so instinctively I feel there could be many more who are still alive under the...

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