12 May, 2021

Nice Diary

The city is heaving with tourists soaking up the Mediterranean sun, and gorging on ice cream and kababs.

Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
Nice Diary
It’s fine in Nice

“NICE? After that horrific attack? Are you sure?” A friend thought I was nuts when I told him I was off to Nice for a break. My travel agent, too, was iffy when I asked her if it was safe to go. “Well, to be honest, we haven’t got an awful lot of bookings for Nice. But where’s safe these days?” So I landed at Nice’s Cote D’Azur International Airport with visions of heavy airport security, troops on the streets, a climate of fear.

Instead, I found a city at ease with itself—no sign of jitters or tension in the wake of the July 14 terror attack that killed 84 people, mostly foreign tourists. There’s no extra security at the airport (a welcome contrast with Heathrow, where they would strip you to the bone if they had their way). It took me barely minutes to get through immigration. “Bonjour, monsieur,” the man at the desk greeted me with a smile, took a quick look...

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