12 April, 2021

NH 10

The film loses out on complexity by opting for a way too easy narrative: the rural brutes vs us, the city slickers.

NH 10

Starring: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumar, Deepti Naval
Directed by Navdeep Singh
Rating: **

NH 10 kicks off to a very promising start. Gurgaon by night is at its moody, quixotic best. But all’s not quite well in this seemingly all-right world. A young, educa­ted, professional Meera (Anushka), travelling in her car at night after a party, is accosted by goons. The scene feels way too close for comfort and sends a chill down the spine: how one’s safety can be ever so tenuous, how danger can be lurking in unsuspected corners. NH 10 doesn’t let up on this sense of doom and menacing atm­os­phere and keeps the viewer on the edge. But not all is fine with the thr­­iller either. The twists and coi­n­cidences feel way too convenient, more so if you are good at second-guessing.


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