28 February, 2021

NGOs, No-Go Organisations?

Not all are bad but the most popular, and very rich ones, need to be brought under the scanner.

NGOs, No-Go Organisations?

The recent revelations by the IB on the funding and working of NGOs has once again exposed the chinks in our civil society armour. Not all NGOs are bad and anti-development. But the most popular, and very rich ones, need to be brought under the scanner. 

Going by the IB report, only two per cent of the country’s estimated 20 lakh NGOs report their foreign donations, and most of the money is used for purposes not specified by the NGOs in their mandate document. Supporting the IB report, the home ministry report states, “It is necessary to note that the NGO sector in India is vulnerable to the risks of money-laundering and terrorist financing.” In 2011-12 , the highest foreign contribution by any district was reported by Chennai (Rs 889.99 crore) followed by Mumbai (Rs 825.4 cr) and Ban­galore (Rs 812.48 cr). Among NGOs, World Vision of India, Chennai, reportedly rec­eived the highest that year at Rs 233.38 cr, followed by the Believers Chu­rch India, Pathanam­thitta, Kerala (Rs 190.05 cr), and Rural Development Trust, Ana­ntapur,...

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