18 May, 2021

Newt Is Old Hat

An Indian researcher challenges the First Law of Motion and unveils a blueprint for perpetual motion machines

illustration by Jayachandran
Newt Is Old Hat
"What are you up to this time?" a friend asked me enthusiastically. He was referring to the recent articles in newspapers announcing that an Indian had challenged Newton’s First Law of Motion. I explained my ideas to him as best I could, dwelling on the issue that if my mathematical derivation for unlimited energy—and the thought structure underlying it—had been published two centuries ago, the history of the world could have been quite different. If my theories are proved right, with experiment, we could have unlimited energy without needing to burn fossil fuel or radioactivity, and travel to the stars, within 10-50 years.

I had first presented them to the world via the Usenet in January 2000, and had published my book To the Stars! on our ‘adda’ family website in September 2000. To my great relief, no one ever accused me of lack of originality! Lively exchanges with those interested—all around the world—led to no conclusion about the correctness of my ideas, save that further work was required to prove them. I agreed heartily. I was, however, truly on my...

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