03 March, 2021

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Forget aspirin, clopidogrel is the heart patient's new friend

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For long, heart patients have popped aspirin pills to keep their rickety pumps from collapsing. Now they can choose from among a new class of drugs called super aspirins which, their makers claim, can do the same job much better, either solo or in concert with aspirin.

Last year, clinical trials in the US involving more than 3,700 patients found the drug clopidogrel to be more effective than aspirin in preventing blood from clotting in patients with high cholesterol. And in March this year, a worldwide trial involving 12,562 patients in 28 countries found that the drug worked even better if taken along with aspirin. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either clopidogrel plus standard therapy or just the latter. Standard therapy consists of aspirin, beta-blockers and cholesterol-lowering drugs, all proven to reduce the risk of dying in heart ailments.

The results of the nine-month trial are now available. Up to 11.5 per cent of those receiving standard treatment had died or had had a heart attack or stroke, against 9.3 per cent of those receiving clopidogrel as...

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