15 May, 2021

New York Diary

From NYrvana to Curry Hill-- How New York City has absorbed a little bit of Indianness...

New York Diary
Take The Stairs To NYrvana

When my wife and I first arrived in New York in the autumn of 1971 as newly-weds, there couldn’t have been more than a dozen Indian restaurants in all of Manhattan. Not one of them was any good. The best of the bad lot was Nirvana, appropriately placed right on top of a skyscraper overlooking Central Park—as things stood, it was better known for its magnificent view than for its cuisine. Matters improved when the Gaylord chain opened a branch uptown and the Tatas followed with Raga at Rockefeller Centre. Today you will find better Indian restaurants in New York than in Mumbai or Delhi, at least in my book. A degchi-ful of top chefs has been lured away from India with better salaries, sometimes even partnerships. And yes, they have better quality of meat—and often even vegetables—to work with.

On Curry Hill

Back then, the only place we could buy Indian spices was, strangely...

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