20 September, 2020

New York Diary

“Do you want me to hold your wallet while you go and f*** yourself?”

New York Diary

The classic in the head

Eduardo Halfon is doing with his entire oeuvre what Julio Cortazar did with one novel, Hopscotch, in the 1960s. Speaking at the PEN World Voices Festival, the Guatemala-born Halfon takes the audience through the ‘Table of Instructions’ page of Hopscotch with its options for the reader. One can either finish at chapter 56 or hopscotch through 155 chapters in a sequence suggested by the author.

Halfon, a qualified engineer, will continue one of the chapters of his The Polish Boxer in his next book. Some editions of his books will have more (or fewer) chapters than the original. This grand mosaic will not follow a predetermined pattern, he tells me, for “I have no overall plan, just a series of small plans which lean on one another”. Halfon, 42, studied in the US and thinks in Eng­lish,...



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