18 September, 2020

New Renaissance

A grand unified theory, from the physicist's lab to the classroom

illustration by Jayachandran
New Renaissance
For the past five years a group of us have been facing up to gathering support for a revolutionary change in high school science curricula. We are encouraged by the widespread acceptance of standards for mathematics and science, a major advance in a nation obsessed by local control. We are also encouraged by the rhetoric, which reverberates in the White House, in the Congress, in the state Capitols, and in the City Halls of the nation. Education is on the political frontburner and for excellent reasons. However, we are discouraged by the general failure of school reform movements which will, I am sure, make even our luminescent proposals into TYNT, i.e. "this year’s new thing", and we are discouraged by the awesome resistance of school systems to change.

Nevertheless, it’s my conviction that the need for this drastic reform is compelling and the conditions for succeeding are opportune. Education is "in" with politicians, CEOs, parents. New standards for mathematics and science have achieved wide national consensus. And there’s a growing realisation that schools...


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