27 July, 2021

New Laws For Old Men

If the SC has rescued Muslim women from the tyranny of instant talaq, it is still a triple whammy for them because they continue to contend with the personal law board and then the universal Indian misogyny.

New Laws For Old Men

The right to privacy is fundamental now and instant triple talaq unconstitutional. Great reasons to rejoice, no doubt, and we ought to be grateful to the Supreme Court of India for these two verdicts. But how do these decisions impact our lives? That question intrigues me. There is a slum not very far from where I live in East Delhi. Every morning I see men crossing the road, climbing a wall and going to a naala or a dirty drain to relieve themselves. Can they exercise their right to privacy? I always wonder how the women of this slum do their daily business. They probably get up much earlier than their menfolk and cross the road before daybreak or wait with a full bladder all day. So, privacy, like everything else in India, is almost naturally taken to not belong to the weakest and the poorest. It is a very urban and moneyed privilege.

Still, privacy, for sure, is something to be cherished. So, I dearly hope and pray I will not henceforth get abusive and intrusive messages on SMS, WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Twitter. Last year around this time, when I joined this magazine,...

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