28 February, 2021

New Kid-Teachers On The Block

New Kid-Teachers On The Block
Among the top 15 business schools that have been set up in the ’90s, one finds ambition, global thinking and , apparently, an emphasis on values. Says Dr Ashok K. Chauhan, founder-president of Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, which runs Amity Business School: "Normally, every human being utilises 5-10 per cent of his potential. The highly successful people who reach the pinnacle of success utilise 80-90 per cent of their potential. Amity’s mission is that each student comes to realise his potential more than 50 per cent." Set up in 1995, Amity says it believes in a philosophy where inculcating Indian values and traditions among students is as important as teaching them the basics of marketing and finance.

This finds an echo in Prof R.A. Yadav, director, lbsim, Delhi. "What I tell my students is that if you learn a bit less of marketing and finance, it’s OK. But what you must learn is a strong value system and discipline. These are the qualities that will serve you throughout life, in every situation." Says Lt Gen R. Sarin, director-general, Amity: "We regularly have...

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