17 June, 2021

New Gameplan

With the abolition of the offside, players devise fresh strategies

New Gameplan

FOR once, the Asian teams are not complaining. They are taking in their stride the change in rule which, in the context of its significance, compares with the introduction of the artificial surface 20 years ago in Montreal.

In the past two decades, the Rules Board of the International Hockey Federation has modified and turned around so many rules that old-timers find it tough to follow the game as it’s played today. But with the abolition of the offside, experts foresee a whole new phase in the evolution of the sport. Paul Lissek, the coach of the German team and an influential member of the Rules Advisory Panel (RAP), which recommends rule change to the Rules Board, felt that the abolition of offside was only to be expected. "If you look back, you’ll notice that for a player to be judged as offside, he had to be in line with the third defender. Then, it was reduced to two. The next logical step was the doing away of the rule itself," he said.

Others feel that this rule will not only alter strategies in the...

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