16 June, 2021

Nepal: Hindu Hopes, Royal Expectations Too

Nepal: Hindu Hopes, Royal Expectations Too
THE possibility of the BJP forming the government, either on its own or with the support of various other parties, has triggered heated discussions in this tiny Hindu kingdom.

The prospects of the Congress being re-elected does not enthuse the masses much. Except for the maintenance of status quo, the man-on-the-street expects little from the Congress.

But even the silent expectation among the nation's Hindus that things may change for the better if the BJP comes to power is laced with reservations. Amidst rumours that the Palace is funding the poll campaigns of some Hindu leaders in India, there are fears that the monarchy in Nepal may begin to reassert itself if the BJP wins in India.

While no one disputes that a BJP victory will have significant bearing on Nepal-India ties as well as power equations within the kingdom, reactions vary. Some, like the president of the Nepal unit of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and former cabinet minister, Achyut Raj Regmi, express unbounded optimism. Others remain cautious and some others a little wary.

"A BJP...

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