23 June, 2021

Neither And/Or Nor

India's middle path on Iraq may not, after all, give it the desired leverage on J&K

Neither And/Or Nor
To most Indians watching the American military onslaught on Iraq, New Delhi's inability to condemn or deplore it would appear to be a literal adherence to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi: see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil. Indeed, on March 22, two days after the US military action began, a senior cabinet minister called in some journalists to better explain India's stance on Iraq. Declaring that "nations or individuals rarely commit suicide to safeguard their principles", he claimed that India's position was the result of a pragmatic view which de-emphasised principles for the sake of national interest.

Safeguarding India's interests in Jammu and Kashmir constituted the national interest, he said. "Tomorrow if the US and UK were to take an anti-India stance on Kashmir, how will it help our national interest?", he asked. Given Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's close support to the US and given the gains in India's relations with the US, the minister argued that it didn't make sense for the government to take a strident anti-US stance. "Should that be...

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