24 November, 2020

Nehru As Chandragupta

The Partition was a negation of India's age-old civilisational and cultural unity. Nanda's analysis helps us understand the events leading up to it.

Nehru As Chandragupta
During the last 2,000 years and more of Indian history, two individual combinations have made a tremendous impact on India's civilisation and polity. The first duo was that of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya who laid the foundations of the Mauryan Empire during 321 BC-185 BC, and the other of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru during 1920-1964 who were instrumental in laying the base of a modern Indian state and giving shape to ideas in the realm of education, culture and democracy. Chanakya was a philosopher, an economist, a strategic thinker, a builder of a large and powerful polity and much more. Chandragupta was Chanakya's chosen representative who built an empire under the latter's guidance. Mahatma Gandhi was a great moral force of the 20th century and an original thinker. If Chanakya chose Chandragupta to build India, it was Gandhi who slightly before his assassination wrote to Nehru: "Bahaut Varsh Jio Aur Hind Ke Jawahar Bane Raho" (Mayyou live long and be the jewel of India!).

If Chandragupta lived up to the expectations of Chanakya, Nehru carried forward the...



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