05 August, 2021

Need, Help

Its envoy’s humiliation outrages India, but there are issues it needs to look at

Need, Help

Even for a country whose prime minister had not too long ago publicly acknowledged to the American president how much Indians loved the United States, the ‘humiliation’ of one of  its diplomats—a woman and an officer of the elite Indian Foreign Service—at the hands of US authorities in New York earlier this month was just too much to take. National outrage boiled over, as images of the sli­ghtly built Devyani Khobragade, deputy consul-general at the Indian consulate in New York and a 39-year-old mother of two, and news of her being arrested, handcuffed in public, strip-searched—and worse—cav­ity-searched too like a common criminal, appeared on the front pages of national dailies, provoking angry debates in the electro­nic media. In a metaphorical leap, her humiliation became India’s humiliation, and neither...

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