03 August, 2021

Naysayers Be Damned! The PC Will Live

'Virtual convergence' is really what we will see more of, going forward

Naysayers Be Damned! The PC Will Live

We are living in very exciting times. The pace of change is dizzying and the impact this progress is having on our present and - more importantly - on our future is difficult to comprehend in its entirety. This is the age of powerful microprocessors, sophisticated software, new hardware technology and high bandwidth, high-speed networks. Add to this the increasing importance of portability and recent advances in mobility and it is easy to see why what is going on today can have a profound impact on the way we live, learn and work in the future.

The PC gave us a new way to work, play and communicate. In fact, it brought onto our desktops computing power, which until a few years before had only been available to corporates. Actually, this power was only available to rocket scientists! With the advent of the Internet, the PC offered us the most convenient and flexible way to head onto the Net. But people want more than this. They now want the power of their PC with them whenever and wherever they need! And this has led to predictions of doom for the PC....

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