02 March, 2021

'Nawaz Sharif Wanted Peace With India'

Deposed Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif-now facing a possible death penalty-is being targeted for his stand against dictatorships and for the Lahore initiative, says his wife Kulsoom Nawaz in an exclusive interview with Mazhar Abbas.

'Nawaz Sharif Wanted Peace With India'

Is your being part of the pro-democracy movement in Pakistan merely personal, an attempt to get your husband out of jail? What exactly is your agenda?
My husband, Nawaz Sharif, today is a symbol of democracy. If he is in jail, it means democracy is in jail and I want to free democracy. This is my agenda and I will not run away under any pressure or circumstances. It is unfortunate that we entered the new century with an army dictator ruling over the country. Look at democracies around the world. Even in neighbouring India, the army never intervened in politics, no matter how deep the crisis. Why have we failed in 52 years? I am not a politician but even as a commoner, I fail to understand why the military interferes in politics. The people of Pakistan are democratic, and my husband has been put in jail because he wanted to make Pakistan an industrialised nation in the new century.

Why was he removed?
I don’t know. As far as I know, everything was all right till October 11. Even the next day, when Sharif went to office, there was no sign of...

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