04 August, 2021

Naval Gazing

A commemoration of Portuguese rule leaves Goa divided on its colonial past

Naval Gazing

A Brief History

  • November 25, 1510: The Portuguese conquer Goa
  • 1955: Goa still in Portuguese hands at Indian Independence; but by this year mounting local protests, as well as the Indian blockade against Goa, Daman and Diu build pressure on Portuguese
  • Dec 16, 1961: Indian troops cross into Goa for Operation Vijay, involving land, sea and air strikes; unconditional surrender by Portuguese three days later
  • Dec 16, 2010-Dec 16, 2011: Year-long celebrations in Goa to mark 50 years since the end of Portuguese rule


It was a perfect evening; a show-stopping sunset followed by scores of gem-cut stars twinkling over the Mormugao harbour. On board the recently anchored NRP Sagres, where the Goans were the guests and their former rulers the hosts, everyone mixed almost seamlessly, with the divine voice of Sonia Sirsat, a Goan who sings Fado (a...

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