19 September, 2020

Naushad Ali

The composer defends royalty rights, currently the bone of much contention

Naushad Ali
What is all this controversy about?
The Hotel Federation of India feels that the rates charged by the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) for copyrights are too high and has filed a case with the MRTPC.

Have any benefits trickled down to composers since the copyright amendment?
The amendments are being actively enforced only now. But yes, the spoils are finally being distributed.

What have been the most visible benefits?
The IPRS earns royalty of almost Rs 1 crore annually from India, distributing it among its members. Its earnings from affiliates abroad have been higher.

What are the main problem areas?
Radio still pays producers and not composers for music. We have a case, but no legal rights. We composed in an era when the term contract did not exist!

Is the IPRS as good a watchdog as its other international affiliates?
We're talking to people, convincing them to join us as members. Our base has expanded substantially with centres in Bangalore, Chennai, and affiliates around the...


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