28 October, 2020

Natural Disturbances

Strangulation of a special school sparks dissent

Tribhuvan Tiwari
Natural Disturbances

As might be expected, the protesters are extremely soft-spoken and gentle of mien. There’s no shouting of slogans or pumping of fists. Just a group of parents and several banners with ‘Save Mirambika’ hung all aro­­und them. They are perched across the busy south Delhi street in a cosy tent, sit­­ting, waiting, hoping for something to happen. It has been over 70 days now, the past two months have been nothing short of an ordeal for parents and students of the Mirambika Free Progress Sch­­ool. Their sentence began when the Sri Aur­obindo Educational Society, under which the school was started, dec­­­ided to open an engineering college on the lush ten acres of land where the school has functioned for the past 34 years.

Once an open school based on the idea of learning through nature, it had no syllabus or exams. Parents fondly recall the years their children spent on the campus, seeping in the energy of the environment and growing into themselves. The school has now been shifted into a building  in a compound...



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