17 January, 2021

Nationalism Made In USA

Defence cooperation is part of India’s increasing subordination to US geostrategy

Illustration by Sajith Kumar
Nationalism Made In USA

Kenneth Juster, the US Ambassador to India, in his first public speech, has suggested that military liaison officers be posted on a reciprocal basis in the two countries’ “combatant commands”.  This is not a new issue, as the United States has been urging the Indian government since 2002 to post a liaison officer at the Pacific Command headquarters in Hawaii.  It is the Pacific Command which covers the whole area of the Asia-Pacific up to India.  The Vajpayee government did not reject the proposal then but wanted an off­icer posted with Central Command.

What is, however, new is the proposal to do so on a reciprocal basis, which means that there would also be an American military ­officer posted at an Indian Command headquarters.  

That the US Ambassador has raised this issue at this juncture indicates that the Americans are more hopeful that this ­request will not be shelved as in the past.  After all, military cooperation, which is at the heart of the US-India strategic ­alliance, has made significant...



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