15 April, 2021

Nasser's No Ball

The English captain's criticism of British Asian cricket fans has only exposed his ignorance to a way of life

Nasser's No Ball
Fans of Nasser Hussain's batting will know that early in his innings, he often struggles with his timing. But never has he mistimed a shot so comprehensively, and so humiliatingly, as he did in issuing his criticism of young Asians for failing to support the England cricket team. Even as his statements rolled off the presses, his arguments were starkly rebuffed in the streets of Oldham, Manchester, where Asian youth fought bitter battles with police and far right groups.

The provocation for the young people in Oldham had been weeks of neo-Nazi activity in the streets, an intensification of police harassment, and a popular media that systematically ignored mounting evidence of violent attacks on local Asians while pumping out sensationalised stories about an isolated attack on an elderly white man.

The provocation for Hussain seems to have been the visible and vocal presence of Pakistani fans at this year's first Test at Lords, where the customary solemnity was pierced by insolent cries of "Pakistan zindabad!" England rolled over the Pakistanis in three days, but the...

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