15 June, 2021

Narendra & Narendra Ltd

A poll-ready Modi rolls out his Vivekananda yatra carnival. All Gujaratis are invited.

Mayur Bhatt
Narendra & Narendra Ltd

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  • Modi kicks off poll campaign with Vivekananda yatra, follow-up to the Sadbhavana yatra of last year 
  • Carnival-like atmosphere at rallies, people out in large numbers
  • For now, Modi wants “peaceful polls”, but Coalgate-bashing on, so are jibes against “Italians”
  • Saurashtra, where Keshubhai Patel jumped ship, only worry for Modi
  • Congress looking at a low-key campaign, focusing on local factors. Sonia Gandhi to start off proceedings with Oct 2 rally.


The cult of Narendra Modi holds sway on both sides of the Sabarmati. A decade after he swept to power, the people of Gujarat still rush to see him, are still in thrall of their chief minister. Needless to say, he’s already in with a headstart for the assembly polls coming this winter. Five years ago, in 2007, the rest of India saw the curious sight of the faithful bobbing up and down in Modi masks. In 2012, the props have changed. Modi...

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