20 October, 2020

Narendra Modi: The Bachchan of Screen and Kohli on Field

Modi, at the moment, is larger than life who many believe can take on inimical neighbours single-handedly, vanquish the corrupt and liberate the country from poverty.

Narendra Modi: The Bachchan of Screen and Kohli on Field

Votes were cast. Ballots counted. The verdict is out. It’s time now for the nation to get back to work. Known to be a workaholic, none would know better than Prime Minister Narendra Modi about how hard he must work if he is to meet the challenges that await him. Being re-elected in a country notorious for being harsh on the incumbent has been no mean feat and credit is certainly due to the prime minister. But the euphoria over the stunning electoral victory must not cloud or distract from what is genuinely expected of the top elected official of 1.3 billion people.

For one, the position of prime minister is not a partisan one and Modi must now attempt to heal what has increasingly become a polarised society. This election has particularly been a bruising and divisive contest, and the nation is thirsting for reprieve from the rabid rancour it spewed and spread. It’s about time to put the political differences behind and close ranks.  Whatever be the ideological differences, the victor deserves both our good wishes and support in the true spirit of...



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