24 June, 2021

Narasimha Rao's Novel And The Indian Reality

How can the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression be denied to those who hold important offices of public service ?

Narasimha Rao's Novel And The Indian Reality
THE outlook before Outlook is promising indeed. With the Shiv Sena proclaiming its commitment to the freedom of the press, its bonfire of the inaugural issue brings out the irony and the anomaly in Indian politics today. The excitement in the media, both national and international, over the reference to the draft of the Prime Minister's yet to be completed novel, needs to be contrasted against the conspicuous absence of any notice of the article depicting the cold-blooded killing of the girl child being systematically practised in a small village in Bihar.

This underlines the reality of present-day politics which the media reflects---a leader's unborn act of fiction gets all the limelight while the ghastly inhumanity of stifling to death the children who have just come into the world, does not hit the headlines. Outlook in this respect has done its job of presenting the anguish in the picturesque valley of Kashmir and the agony of the killing fields in the Bihar village. Beyond that what struck me--as it would many others when they go through the pages of...

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