21 October, 2020

Narada's Cosmic Troupe

An erudite examination of the Vaishnavite origins, various forms and proscenium evolution of Assam’s Sattriya dance

Narada's Cosmic Troupe

Sunil Kothari is a highly respec­ted name in the field of India’s dances, in all their glorious diversity. He is a scholar, a dance historian and critic who respects tradition, but also believes in the creativity of the individual without which no dance performance can shine. In addition to having a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of various styles of dance, he is also a communicator par excellence. He has been effortlessly using the written word to explain and illustrate the cer­ebral content, emotive aspects and aesthetic beauty of our dance forms.

Kothari has been studying Sattriya, and the living traditions associated with it, from as early as 1958. And yet he has the ‘outsider’s view’, which gives him an objectivity that ‘insiders’ may lack. Not a parachute commentator by any means, his extensive study over decades has resulted in this book that is both visually enthralling and rich in written content. This makes it very different from the usual coffee-table volumes, and is suitable for both the lay reader and...



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