30 November, 2020

Narad Muni

I was the first reporter of the universe, covering events single-handedly.

Illustration by Saahil
Narad Muni

This minute above Delhi, the next over Nagpur RSS and the Organiser office. Nice to be omnipresent and travel anywhere I like. Yes, I have a special liking for the RSS who remembered that May 6 was my real birthday and not May 10. O, how nice of them to suggest that modern journalists should make me their model. After all, I was the first reporter of the universe, covering events single-handedly. The gods could detect my personal touch at every single important moment of the Kurukshetra war.

Mind you, it was a tough assignment, I mean covering the war single-handedly. There was no PTI, UNI and agencies like Reuters were busy covering their own wars like the Homeric wars, the Battle of Marathon and so on. The RSS mouthpiece Organiser recognised the important fact that I was present at every critical juncture of the Ramayana. It was a tough job and I can now confess I did doze off a little when Kumbhakarna fell asleep and got up just in time for the crucial battle against Lord Rama and his monkey army. 

I do agree times had chan­ged. Even...



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