30 July, 2021

Nandana Sen

On playing Sugandha, painter Raja Ravi Varma's muse, in her next film Rang Rasiya

Nandana Sen
Rang Rasiya feels like an accomplishment?

I’m obsessively drawn to new challenges, so there have been a few memorable films. I give myself fully to every role, hence there’s more to look forward to than one film’s achievement.

Tell us briefly about your role.

Sugandha is the eternal child-woman, angelic and innocent yet unconsciously sensuous. Her journey mirrored the trials of all the classical heroines she posed as for Ravi Varma.

We’ve heard about the intimate scenes.

There’s a mistaken notion of steamy sex scenes. On the contrary, it’s completely about an artist and his muse creating a masterpiece.

You grew up with Ravi Varma paintings around your house.

True, I’ve been spellbound by Ravi Varma from childhood, and I’ve been looking at the woman I was to play for as long as I’ve been in Bombay.

Your parents (Amartya and Nabanita Dev Sen) must have been a strong influence.

Yes, both are greatly inspiring souls who’ve supported me in my crazy decisions. They...

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