19 June, 2021

NaMo, NaMo, NaMo

He’s here, there, everywhere. Modi is omnipresent, victory is certain. Can anything stop the juggernaut?

Apoorva Salkade
NaMo, NaMo, NaMo

Gujarat Poll Waltz

BJP   Congress

  • BJP campaign began well in advance, first with the sadbhavana yatra and later with the Vivekananda yatra
  • Modi’s ‘malnutrition among middle-class Gujaratis’ faux pas, followed by the snide remark on Sunanda Pushkar
  • Modi’s development work seen as pro-rich, pro-urban; he hits back at the Congress housing scheme with his own
  • In rallies, Modi makes it clear his destination is Delhi by taking up national issues such as corruption, black...

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