28 July, 2021

Naked Intent

Was the real indiscretion of the younger royals not being careful of the paparazzi?

AFP (From Outlook 29 October 2012)
Naked Intent

Just what does a royal family have to do for a quiet life these days? After a jubilant Diamond Jubilee year and Olympic summer that saw the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh fulfil their duties with grandeur and aplomb—including the monarch appearing in a James Bond skit, no less—how has it come to this? A legal battle against several magazines, something that breaks all manner of conventions and protocol, and a new wave of discussion as to what the monarch and her family’s relationship with her subjects should be.

And things were looking so much brighter. More than a year after the British people had fallen in love with the next generation of its sovereign’s household, a series of paparazzi nightmares has plunged its shaky relationship with its adoring public back to a darker time. A time of constant intrusion, leaks, realpolitik and, of course, the grim denouement, the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

First there was Prince Harry, never far from the headlines, and the pictures of his drunken, naked tomfoolery in a Las Vegas hotel with a group...

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