25 February, 2021

Nabil W. Masari

The chief of international jewellers Tiffanys promises exclusivity to Indians

Nabil W. Masari
Tiffany is about western exclusivity and dollar prices. What brings you to the Indian market?
We have been in the Asia-Pacific market for 20 years now. We have being eyeing India for long. But the Government said 'closed doors'. Liberalisation has given us access.

How do you reconcile Tiffany's philosophy of 'basic is best' to the Indian consumer's philosophy of 'ostentatious is best'?
It's a question of getting consumers educated, aware and familiar with the exceptional quality and beauty of a Tiffany design that transcends geographical boundaries.

Does Tiffany promise value for money to the price-sensitive Indian?
Tiffany value is achieved through fine design, high-quality material and old-world craftsmanship assisted by modern technology.

How many Indians do you see investing in 18-carat gold?
You value gold per gram and purity. We value gold products per design, quality and finish. Depends how you look at it. A Tiffany product appreciates with time.

How will you stay exclusive when you claim...

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