10 April, 2021

Nabeel Quadri, Ahmedabad

Born May 24, 1995

Mayur Bhatt
Nabeel Quadri, Ahmedabad

Nabeel Quadri says he’s excited about voting for the first time, being part of the democratic process. Plus, this is the best time for this dreamer to put his plans into action. Nabeel’s mother is a media professional and father a writer, but he knew what he wanted to do five years ago when he first saw a gleaming Lamborghini zip by on the road.

What I want to be

Definitely a sports automobile designer. So right now I am preparing to give my entrance exams for the National Institute of Design.

My idea of India

This is my home and it has its ups and downs. Our education system is weak and negotiating it means many day-to-day struggles. But culturally, India is so rich.

Who I will vote for

I like Rahul Gandhi, so I’ll support the Congress. I find it a bit claustrophobic here in Gujarat with everyone gushing over Narendra Modi. I feel the development they claim has happened under him is mostly hype.

What religion means to me


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