06 August, 2021

Coronavirus Outbreak | Myth-Busters

Should I avoid shipped packages? If I lose my sense of smell, do I have Covid? Does pollution increase the spread of Covid? Here's a list of myth-busters on Covid-19.

Coronavirus Outbreak | Myth-Busters

Avoid shipped packages/shopping carts/ATMs, or you’ll die.

No. Coronaviruses’ surface survival is one thing; that surface causing an infection is another. Wash your hands; live your life.

I can catch COVID-19 from ordering takeaway and Chinese food.

Wrong. COVID-19 is a droplet related infection (like flu) not a food-borne infection. There is no documented Covid risk with takeaway food.

If I lose my sense of smell, I have Covid.

False. It’s common to temporarily lose one’s sense of smell with many viral infections/allergies. It’s a non-specific symptom that may/may not happen with Covid.

I receive messages that using garlic/lemon with hot water/onion in the room will prevent or cure COVID-19. Is it true?

No. It’s just made-up stuff. None of these substances have been...

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