25 February, 2021

Mysterious Murders

The brutal killing of three monks shocks the Tibetan community

Mysterious Murders

THREE Tibetan monks stabbed brutally to death; a trail of bloody footprints; a history of repeated death threats; Chinese spies; hired assassins— and a community that seems to have closed ranks....

All the ingredients of a bizarre whodunit, yet there was nothing unreal about the discovery made by a young monk studying at the Buddhist Institute of Dialectics in the village of McLeod Ganj. On the night of February 4 at 8 pm, just four days before Losar, the Tibetan New Year, when he took tea for his director and two students, working together on translating manuscripts at the director’s residence, the young monk found them stabbed brutally :70 - year-old Lopsang Gyatso, the director, on his bed; Nagawang Lodoe and Lobsang Nagawang, both in their 20s, on the flo o r. Barely alive when they were found, one died on his way to the Delek Hospital. Lodoe was refused treatment there, and was sent to Chandigarh , dying shortly before arrival in the ambulance. "That made the tragedy worse," says one of his fellow students. "If he’d been...

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