12 May, 2021

Mynahs Sing Of Pleasure

The Kamasutra is a manual for sensual living. Its role in a civilised aesthetic of love is lauded by Wendy Doniger.

Mynahs Sing Of Pleasure

Vatsyayana, author of the Kamasutra, tells us that human desire is a matter of culture far more than that of nature, which is a principal theme of this wonderful collection of essays by the Sanskrit scholar, Wendy Doniger. It prodded me to go back and read the Kamasutra, and I discovered to my delight that it is not a sex manual but a charming, surprisingly modern guide to the art of living. Addressed to both men and women, it teaches good manners: “the best alliance plays the game/so that both sides taste one another’s happiness/and treat one another/as unique individuals”. It tells the man, “don’t be hurtful or barbaric...be gentle and cautious with your bride...women are like flowers and need to be enticed very tenderly...learn to satisfy a woman first in bed...treat her in a way that she achieves her climax first”.

“The Kamasutra is about pleasure in a much broader sense—good food and good drink, wearing beautiful silk clothing, going on picnics, listening to good music,” says Doniger,...

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