14 June, 2021

Myanmar Coup Diary

A kidnapped Election Commission! Journalists on the run. WiFi on the blip. A rich general in charge…. Myanmar faces a ‘coup dirtier than a virus’ with pluck and tamarind kombucha.

Illustration by Saahil
Myanmar Coup Diary
Anthem For Suppressed Voices

It’s a crisp winter morning in Yangon. I am sitting on my balcony, sipping my locally brewed Tamarind Kombucha that my friend Ma Thiri dropped off this morning. She came with her dad in his vintage brown van. Thiri’s small food joint survived COVID-19 restrictions, but she is not sure if her small business would survive this coup. As I saw her off, they waved the hunger-game inspired ‘three fingers’ salute. Thiri said, “My uncle was an NLD student leader. My dad and his family burnt all records and papers at home and uncle went underground.” Since the coup, leaders of political parties, activists, and civil society have been arrested. The chairman and members of the Union Election Commission of each region and state were abducted. Journalists are scared and vulnerable. They have gone underground. Since day one of the coup we heard about a list of ‘wanted’ journalists prepared by...

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