26 October, 2020

'My Kids Should've Studied Here'

Carlene Moore Ellis, director, education programme, for Intel Corporation, on how India's education system compares with the rest of the world:

'My Kids Should've Studied Here'

In India, a lot of stress is put on computer education, yet we feel we lag behind...
Frankly, everybody is struggling with the same issues. Computer education in India is fairly unique. It's not like this in the US. Computers have not been a subject in the US. Computer programming has never been taught in public schools as a required piece of the curriculum. My daughter graduated from high school with high grades in maths and science but never took a computer course.
Your educators think they have overdone it. In the US, we've probably underdone it. But frankly, computers as a language or a course are getting less relevant since people might never need computer languages in the future. Earlier, we could talk to computers only in programming language but today you can do a lot of coding without learning one. The kids need to know how to use computers, not how to make them.

What is the situation in the US?
Indian teachers and parents are worried that the kids have too much homework, they work too hard, have...



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