24 July, 2021

My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book
I read Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf when I was in my teens: it unleashed in me an ability to set up my male and female characters against each other.

As a person, though, I felt the impact most from Madhu Rye's Kumarni Agashi (Kumar's Terrace) because it was close to the bone, since I am a Gujarati and hence familiar with the milieu. It taught me to work within my own time and place and not operate out of a projected world of pseudo-Western concepts of sophistication and grandeur.

Poetry also has great resonance for me. In drama one explores the distortions of everyday speech, the weight and flow of everyday movement, to endeavour to bring to them a sense of music and structure (time, space and scale) akin to poetry.

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