24 July, 2021

My Favourite Book

My Favourite Book
The one book that has remained with me all these years is one of the greatest novels of the last century-Jean-Christophe by Romain Rolland. I learned to think in words thanks to that book: I was wonderstruck by its wide range of experience and insight.

Love, hate, anger, betrayal, sadness, happiness: every shade of human existence was contained between its lines. I learned the nearness of both reality and imagination in our lives, I learned about life and literature simultaneously from the novel's vision of both.

Jean-Christophe offered full and pure slices of life that were so well painted that literature didn't seem any different or any more remote from real life. It's a big and brave novel, and a complete novel, technically as well-the inner fabric of the text seemed sound and completely convincing.

Reading this novel that runs to thousands of pages, strangely enough, taught me the art of writing with brevity, of working on a short novel, because of Rolland's economy of phrase. And the endless stream of writings, the constant drama...

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