12 April, 2021

My Disruption Is Democracy

The BJP was a champion filibusterer once, but is the Congress right in its tactics?

My Disruption Is Democracy

The boot has come to be very firmly on the other foot. Her own words—”Not allowing Parliament (to function) is also a form of democracy”—have come back to haunt Union external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj. Undeterred by the outrage on treasury benches and unfazed by warnings from the Speaker, Congress MPs led others in raising slogans like “PM chuppi todo” and “Modiji 56-inch dikhao/Sushma, Raje ko turant hatao”.

“The BJP is getting a taste of its own medicine,” quips a Delhi University professor. Never mind the reports that `27 crore has been lost in the disruption of the last three days. Several Congressmen gleefully recall how Jaitley, then leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, justified disruption of parliamentary proceedings by the BJP as a legitimate tactic in articles and blogs he wrote. “When we disrupted Par­lia­ment three years back on the 2G scam, the telecom sector was cleaned. Now the country is faced by the issue of how to clean up the...

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