13 May, 2021

‘My City Was Under Attack, I Prayed For All The People’

Sachin Tendulkar tells Rohit Mahajan: 'The places under siege were familiar to me... I also knew a few people who were trapped in different conflict areas'

‘My City Was Under Attack, I Prayed For All The People’

When Mumbai was attacked last year, we were playing a one-day match against England in Cuttack. We won the match comfortably, but as the news from Mumbai was flashed a sense of shock descended in the dressing room. We couldn’t believe what had happened. I thought the nightmare would end by the time we reached the hotel. But it didn’t, instead, it got worse... 26/11 was a dark day for all of us.

We were in the middle of a series then, but such horrific acts lay bare before you the fact that cricket is not the most important thing in life, even though to me personally, cricket is life. In such situations you can’t think cricket.

It was heartbreaking, for Mumbai is very dear to me—it’s the city where I was born, where I grew up and lived in. People love their hometown and naturally Mumbai is the city I love most. I started playing cricket here and spent so much time on the playgrounds and visiting friends and relatives across the city. I made my first friends here, went to school here, went to college...

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