27 July, 2021

My Book of the Century

My Book of the Century
I don't have either the exposure or the authority to name one book which stands out in a lifetime. One has to have a literary and historical perspective to be able to name one book that has left a profound imprint on this century. Each decade has produced an enormous number of books on various subjects, too numerous to identify one. I leave that to the experts.

Personally though, the non-fictional book Timeless Mind and Ageless Body by Deepak Chopra has given me an awareness of a certain kind about the mind, body and total being. This is a book both for the young and the not-so-young. It offers you the limitless potential of mind and body wisdom that can be derived from self-knowledge and interaction between the mind and the body—one of the most exciting and revolutionary areas of medical research. This book combines teaching of ancient ayurveda with contemporary medical science. One gets the clear message that people don't grow old; when they stop growing, they grow old.

(Krishna Sobti is a Hindi novelist.)

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