02 August, 2021

My Blue-Eyed Fox

Harbhajan's greatest virtue is that he will try till the end to make himself a better cricketer and a better person. I believe he is among the best things that could have happened to Indian cricket.

My Blue-Eyed Fox
A good lather on the face is worth half the shave. The way Harbhajan Singh began his career was remarkable. He has learnt a lot since his debut and, according to me, he will play more matches for India than anybody from Punjab will, in the near future. I saw him the first time in a Ranji Trophy match against Himachal Pradesh. We were steamrolling them. But before I went out to bat, somebody asked me to watch out for this young lad. Eventually, when I went out to bat, this boy of 15 or 16 came out to bowl at me. After the first six balls I faced of him, I knew this guy will play for India one day. I was very impressed with the way he bowled at me. The balls spat at me. The lad could pull the ball the way he wanted to as though he had it by a string. And he had a lot of attitude. The right kind of attitude and aggression. He was not scared of anything. He didn't care about the reputation of the chap who was batting. He just wanted the wicket. He just hated being hit. This kind of aggression is very rare in a spinner. I got very excited about him. I told everybody that this was someone...

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