27 July, 2021

Mutation Of Intent

Tehelka, it seems, can align with the ISI, the Congress, the Hindujas, arms dealers...Wonder why the LTTE's being made to sit this one out.

Mutation Of Intent
These days I dream that somebody is lying flat on the roof of my neighbour with a ray gun and trying to dematerialise my daughter. I also have dreams that I am Clint Eastwood and the bad guys can run up against me and I will drill a hole in their heads with my 9-mm Glock. Except that I have no Glock. In early teens it used to be the Colt and I used to be Jim Green, alias Sudden. But these days the legend of Sudden doesn't seem to inspire the same fervour. The punchline in Oliver Strange's Sudden series used to be: "Name is Green. Jim Green. They also call me Sudden." Of course, that was the point when all hell would break loose and Sudden would emerge at the end of it with his Colts smoking and the ash on his cigar undented.

Anyways, these days Tehelka has become somewhat like Wild Bill 'Hitchcock'. We come in with our guns blazing trying to save the village but nobody wants to chew the fat with us or, even more so, do any business. For, right or wrong, we seem to have acquired the reputation of muggers....

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