29 September, 2020

"Muslims Should Capitulate"

Acharya Giriraj Kishore, general secretary of the VHP, on his party's plans and on the conflicting stand with the BJP on the Krishna Janamsthan issue. Excerpts:

"Muslims Should Capitulate"

The BJP insists that the Mathura issue is not on its agenda.

They must have seen some advantage in taking such a stand. When a thief steals, he thinks he is doing the right thing.

Is there a possibility of the Ayodhya incident being repeated at Mathura?

All options are open. We will not compromise. Either the Muslims should capitulate, or the government should, otherwise...let us see. Another Dharam Sansad will be held to decide the future programme of action.

Will you take on the BJP if it does not fall in line?

Not just the BJP. We will not listen to the RSS if it does not agree. Didn’t Prahlad have to fight his own father? Dharamyudh mein ham aagay hain. (We are ahead in the battle of righteousness.)

Do you think the BJP will eventually put this issue on its agenda?

At first they did not put the Ram Janambhoomi issue on their agenda, but when they saw the popularity of the movement, it was included. That is how they were able to show their faces to the electorate and they reaped the benefits....



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