27 September, 2020

Mushrooms For Breakfast

The US turns a blind eye to Pakistan's abetting the North Korean N-programme, as 'commitments' take precedence More Coverage

Mushrooms For Breakfast
In the end, Pakistan seems to have proved right those who believed it too irresponsible to abstain from nuclear proliferation. There are also many more takers today to the idea that Islamabad is using its nuclear leverage to acquire weapons and establish military parity with India. As North Korea admitted to having an active nuclear weapons programme, Washington’s political and academic elite turned the spotlight on Pakistan’s role in it.

It was The New York Times which blew the whistle, quoting intelligence officials who alleged that Pakistan was a major supplier of critical equipment to North Korea’s N-weapons programme. The equipment, which may have included gas centrifuges used to create weapons-grade uranium (the other N-weapon type is plutonium-based), appears to have been part of a barter deal begun in the late ’90s in which North Korea supplied Pakistan with the missiles to counter India’s nuclear arsenal. "What you have here," said an US official familiar with the intelligence, "is a perfect meeting of interests. The North had what the Pakistanis...



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