11 April, 2021

Murmurs In The Wind

Political realignments point to the DMK’s contingency plans

Murmurs In The Wind

It’s the season of somersaults in Tamil Nadu. The PMK, which had gone with Jayalalitha’s AIADMK during the general elections, is retracing its steps to its old ally, the DMK. It has formally petitioned Karunanidhi to allow the re-nomination of Anbumani Ramadoss, the former Union health minister, to the Rajya Sabha. Then, Khushboo, the actress, who only days ago had made her preference for the Congress known, has joined the DMK. “It’s difficult for any cinestar to reject an invitation from Karunanidhi. He’s too powerful,” says Tamil writer Vaasanthi. Though she’s supposed to bring in the crowds, the general prediction is that Khushboo may not last too long with the DMK.

Are these realignments an indication of a larger phenomenon? Do they herald early assembly polls, originally scheduled for mid-2011? Political analysts do not rule it out. The feeling is that it may be held by the year-end. The rumour mills also suggest that the PMK’s moving closer to the DMK is sufficient indication that...

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