01 December, 2020

Murad Ali Baig

The author of Reflections in the Sacred Pond, which sets about to answer eighty questions on religious history in India.

Murad Ali Baig
How did you make the transition from automotive journalism to grander themes?

I wrote about cars but my passion and qualification is to write about history and religion.

Why the Q&A format?

After Babri Masjid, I questioned a Hindutva friend till he couldn’t answer any more. I punched those in and have kept adding more.

One question you’d want in public discourse?

The question of how Hinduism has evolved—the seven stages...pre-Vedic, Vedic, Puranic... that process is true of every religion.

One thing you learned during your research?

What led to Hindu India’s downfall, in the 400 years before the Turkish invasions, was the collapse of free-form traditions of indigenous worship, and new Brahminical dominance.

What does the book want to tell the reader?

I’m just trying to show the deficiencies in history and public stereotypes.

Were you influenced by freethinking intellectuals from the past?

One has read Bernard Shaw, but I suppose as a teenager I was influenced by...



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